The Aftermath

by Winter Jargon

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Winter Jargon - The Aftermath
All tracks recorded at The Forum Music Centre Studio, Darlington, UK.


released September 1, 2010

Performed by:

R.E Gatiss - Vocals/Electric Guitar/Acoustic Guitar/Piano/Organ/Harpsichord/Clarinet/Glockenspiel/Violin/Hand-claps/Paper Ripping...

S. Hawksby-Robinson - Drums/Whispery Vocals/Manic laughing/Hand Claps/Paper Ripping...

T. Robinson - Bass Guitar

All songs* and lyrics** composed by R.E Gatiss
All songs performed by Winter Jargon.***
All songs recorded and mixed with the assistance of Chris Davison. Completed on 6/4/07

Track #7 is dedicated to the music teachers of Sedgefield Community College in response to the comments they made regarding 'clarinets' not being 'solo instruments.' Feel free to take this with a grain of salt.

*Tracks #1, 4, 9, 13 composed by R.E Gatiss/S. Hawksby Robinson.

**Track #1, 9 song lyrics written by S. Hawksby-Robinson

***Chris Davison featured as a guest vocalist on track #4


all rights reserved



Girl From Winter Jargon Durham, UK

The live context of Girl From Winter Jargon currently consists of female vocals with stand-alone electric guitar; Sometimes incorporating delay and Ebow usage with live looping layers and strange, spooky guitar noises.

"Excellent guitar-wielding & looping atmospherics" - WOWBO (Durham gig listing guide)

"I think it sounds fantastic... Brilliant stuff!" - Bob Fischer, BBC Tee
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Track Name: Window
"An infinity of contemplation to duel with my saintly patience. To ask a single question: When is this judgement hour?

Looking out my window. Granting blindness to those with sight. Gifts of being deaf and dumb. A lit candle without light.

Looking through my window. See the demise. Your clone filled society."
Track Name: Heads On A Conveyor Belt
"Supposing that we are pulp in the hands of the master. Scan the brain and live again. On the seventh day man created man to... smell like we say, be as we say, feel like we say...
I feel the self regurgitation of man cloning man.
I am not a number or a head on a conveyor belt."
Track Name: Distinctly Average
"You're called 'Distinctly Average'.
But she's so full of it.
This girl knows 'everything' so just humour her existence.
And let her believe the sad, pathetic lie.
Remember she's just insecure.
(That's why she takes it out on you.)
I know it doesn't make it right, but do not lower yourself to nothing.

O' these little stabbings you will use to your advantage. In the end, you will triumph and she will lose.

You need this arrogance for once in your life.
I know that you are modest but she is really ignorant to how things really are.

I hope this is your favourite song on the album, and if it isn't, I will laugh... 'ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.'

O' it feels so good to have petty consolation.
To be disgruntled about things that don't matter.
This is the aftermath of the malfunction. My world isn't ending anymore. I can see the prequel, the aviary. My world is exactly how I want it to be."
Track Name: Quid (Just Like Ophelia)
"Immobile and forced against my will. Does it bring you so much pleasure seeing me behind the screen?"
Track Name: Straight Jacket
"I wish i could replace my weakness with another.
But i guess that the sin is always cleaner on the other side. I inhale the scent of my second-hand coat, and i ponder over the wonder of the previous owner.
I never could work out if the straight jacket was an imprisonment. I never could work out if the straight jacket was a protection.
I dive into the depth of the ocean to retrieve the stolen skull. 'The moral' - it has fallen through my fingers.
I could never work it out"
Track Name: What's Behind The Sky?
O' inquisitive child.
The answers you ponder are much too complicated for you to understand.
Don't worry about these things.
I will guide you all of your steps. I will guide you all the way. You don't have to be afraid anymore.
God monitors his tiny little world, watching sinner Jenny in the comfort of her own home.
Jenny, stop looking at the houses.
Jenny, listen to the rain.
What does it take for you to be happy?
Are you telling me the stars are not enough?
Track Name: Quid (Reprise)
Track Name: What You Are
"I give you the truth. But you're too deluded to know. You consider me a foe. Take a look at what you are and understand that you won't get very far when you are your own messiah. With your multiplicative standards and your thousand faces. You reject the very thing which you profess to believe in."
Track Name: Wishful Expectations
"Cold dripping from the trees. You burn my house. You stole my cup. I have nothing left to lose. Nothing for you to abuse. I'd like to congratulate you on a job well done. Drink. Fill it up. Fill my cup."
Track Name: Mutant Friend
"He'll have your body in goosebumps and your hair on it's end.
You doubt you'll ever digest a small morsel again.
When all he ever wanted was a friend.

Your heart melted when the deformed boy smiled back at you.
And you were in pieces as you you realised that he is human too.

Imagine having to do nothing yet still induce disgust, and having the ability to offend - when all you ever wanted was a friend."
Track Name: Goodbye
"I am Jeckle and i am Hyde.
Your tortured flock i can't abide.
I am Hyde and I am Jeckle.
Murder my esteem. Taunt and heckle.
Your mistreatment i can't abide.
So i am leaving now... goodbye.

(Good riddance)

Attention span is like a fish memory.
I swear, sometimes I feel like I am ten.
Sometimes I feel my world is ending all over again.

I trusted those beautiful birds with my life.
They were vultures all along.
Can you sense the hurt which lingers on my skin?"
Track Name: Eyelashes
"Tomorrow. That dreaded three-syllable. Tomorrow.
I know that i cannot pronounce the word 'lisp.' I'm aware of my excessive self-insulation. And I am conscious of my 'ugly duckling that never became a swan' tendencies.
Mother please don't leave me. Mother please don't go.
I can go on until I'm asked to stop, but is it really necessary?"
Track Name: Quid (Looking At Life)
"I'm in that room again. Her head is on my wall. The heat is unbearable. The sadness of the cleansing time. Just like Ophelia. She's holds her hand to the skeleton. Seduced by death, she leaves her knife by the side. Look at her running away. Just like Ophelia. I've rolled up my sleeves and tied my hair back. But I'm soaking and it's no good. And I wear my heart on it too much. Just like Ophelia. See my last second of life."