Live @ Gluefactory 4​.​05​.​12 (Supporting The Lovely Eggs)

by Girl From Winter Jargon

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A live set from 'Girl From Winter Jargon' - who played support for The Lovely Eggs on 4/5/12 @ Gluefactory 8, The Fishtank, Durham, UK

Recorded live - warts-and-all - on the 4th of May, 2012 by the lovely people @

Full download will enable the bonus track, "Distinctly Average" from the same Gluefactory set.


released May 16, 2012

Performed by Girl From Winter Jargon with some help from Suzanne Velouria, (her modified Yamaha PAC) along with a lovely little VOX Looper and an ebow.

Written and composed by R.E Gatiss


all rights reserved



Girl From Winter Jargon Durham, UK

The live context of Girl From Winter Jargon currently consists of female vocals with stand-alone electric guitar; Sometimes incorporating delay and Ebow usage with live looping layers and strange, spooky guitar noises.

"Excellent guitar-wielding & looping atmospherics" - WOWBO (Durham gig listing guide)

"I think it sounds fantastic... Brilliant stuff!" - Bob Fischer, BBC Tee
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Track Name: I Want To Name All The Inanimate Objects In Your Life...
You might hate me, if I tell you what's been on my mind lately.
The way we are might never be the same again.
You won't be able to look at me directly.
I'm so scared that you might reject me.

And I don't blame you if you do.

I promise I am not impure.
I just think that you are wonderful.
I want to name all the inanimate objects in your life.
I want you forever where I can see you.
I want to name all the inanimate objects in your life.

And I don't blame you if you do.
And I don't blame you if you do.
And I don't blame you if you never...

...want to see me again.
rock vox looper vox vdl1 dynamic looper acoustic alternative female girl from winter jargon gluefactory grunge indie live solo guitar the lovely eggs winter jargon Durham
Track Name: Doctor, Doctor (Live 4.05.12)
Doctor, Doctor....

You don't know jack about my life.
So please do not presume.

Doctor, Doctor...

This is a last resort.
That is why I'm visiting you.

I didn't even want to come to this appointment today.
I poured out my heart.
You didn't care.
To you it's just 5 minutes of your day.

Doctor, Doctor...

You say that you're always dealing with 'head-cases' like me.
And I'm no different to the rest of them.
And the world does not revolve around me.

Funny that, I don't seem to remember,
ever signing my name on the paper.

Doctor, Doctor...

Did certain circumstances lead to to the career you're in?

Doctor, Doctor...

Did parent expectation take you over?
Did you let the pressure win?
Does your little wife cry herself to sleep every night?
Can you understand that gold-plated tissues are no comfort to anyone...?


You don't want me here,
so give me my pills...

Give me my pills and I will leave you...

You're so above it all.
Go drive home in your flashy little car.
I know how fast it goes, but it will not get you very far in life at all...

Give me my pills....


Give me my pills...


Track Name: Dust Beneath My Feet (Pig Fire Ears)
She took a knife and engraved the word "closure" upon her history.

She observed the word and felt a deep appreciation for the change and disconnection of unresolved mystery.

She said, I'm sick of all the lies, and I will never compromise. I want out of here.

Life is so hard to live and I have nothing left to give,
except maybe my dust to return.
My corpse, a meal for the worm.

I will become part of the ground which people walk all over.

But I am still alive,
and you cannot believe your eyes...

You didn't kill me.

Continue your façade, and consequence will hit so hard.

You'll be consumed by your regret.

No need to doubt, no need to fret.

You will become part of the ground, which I will walk all over.

It makes no difference really...

You are the dust beneath my feet.



Track Name: At The Bridge
I will bite the finger that you point in my direction.
When you fence the air at my tearful complexion.
I will drench the cheek on which your laid your lip upon.
Cleanse the skin that was touched by the treacherous one.

I won't be belittled by your condescending reign.
You are not my God. Thou shalt not hinder, not restrain.
Transfix on my wrist. No longer looking for the vein.
I will tolerate you in spite of all the pain.

You are poison.
You are unclean.
Do not touch me.
Do not touch me, please.

You may watch me from behind.
The other side of the room.
You think that I'm the sullen one.
Obsessed with my own gloom.
When three fingers point back at you.
See that it's you who's doomed.

You are poison.
You are unclean.
Do not touch me.
Do not touch me, please.

I'm at the bridge as I'm writing this.
Can you see the water running?
I'm at the bridge as I'm writing this.

You did it on purpose.
You did it deliberately.