Girl From Winter Jargon Durham, UK

The live context of Girl From Winter Jargon currently consists of female vocals with stand-alone electric guitar; Sometimes incorporating delay and Ebow usage with live looping layers and strange, spooky guitar noises. www.winterjargon.com

"Excellent guitar-wielding & looping atmospherics" - WOWBO (Durham gig listing guide)

"I think it sounds fantastic... Brilliant stuff!" - Bob Fischer, BBC Tee
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Track Name: Intro to Distinctly Average - BBC Radio Tees 12.04.12
"There's a band which this track reminds me of enormously. See if you can guess..." - Bob Fischer, BBC Radio Tees
Track Name: Distinctly Average BBC Radio Tees 12.04.12
"Can we say Queen?" - Bob Fischer

"I think there's certainly elements of Queen..." Shack

"I mean it as a compliment, I really like Queen.
I think it sounds fantastic! Brilliant stuff!" - Bob Fischer
Track Name: Goodbye, BBC Radio Newcastle, 17.07.12
"They've also been described as a crossover between Muse and Tori Amos and have drawn comparisons to PJ Harvey... yeah, I can see that." - Nick Roberts, BBC Radio Newcastle
Track Name: What You Are, BBC Radio Tees 26.04.12
"That's the dark cabaret right on the end... " - Bob Fischer

"You would never get a ten year old now called Reggie Bellaby..." - Bob Fischer
Track Name: Quid Reprise, BBC Radio Tees, 15.09.12
"That's really all I've ever wanted is to be a Victorian Pharmacist..." - Shack

" Snake oil..!" - Bob Fischer
Track Name: Window, BBC Radio Tees 06.08.12
"Female fronted alternative rock with a nod to grunge, gypsy and dark cabaret - which has always intrigued me..." Bob Fischer
Track Name: Distinctly Average, BBC Radio Newcastle 10.05.12
"That was distinctly average... that's not my opinion on it - that's the name of the track. It's far from that!" - Nick Roberts